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Current Affairs Quick Revision and Reminder 1-15 November 2018

India clinched the five-match series 3-1 defeating the West Indies by 9 wickets in the fifth and final One Day International at Thiruvananthapuram on November 1, 2018. Riding on Rohit Sharma’s 63 off 56 balls, India achieved the 105-run victory target in 14.5 overs. Ravindra Jadeja was adjudged Man of the Match for his four-wicket haul. India had lost a series at home in 2015, when they went down 2-3 against South Africa. In the USA, Pittsburgh synagogue shooting was a mass shooting that occurred at Tree of Life synagogue of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on October 27, 2018. The incident happened while Shabbat morning services and a bris were being held.

After the utter destruction of his army on the battlefield Lopez lead what we would now call an irregular or asymmetric war causing the decimation of his civilian population. The devastation continued until Lopez was killed by Brazilian troops on 01 March 1870. It took decades for Paraguay to recover its losses and Brazil, although victorious, incurred ruinous debt which severely hampered that nations growth.

Badly damaged, the cruiser Mogami spent the next year in Truk undergoing repairs. More importantly the Japanese lost their best naval pilots and most experienced aircrews. Midway ended the Japanese threat to Hawaii and Australia, halted Japanese expansion and restored the balance of power in the Pacific. To drive the fanatical and tenacious Japanese back to the Home Islands required another three years of bloody combat under some of the worst conditions in military history but Allied soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines proved equal to the task. Its initial advantage squandered at Midway, Japan could not compete with the industrial leviathan that was the United States as Yamamoto had predicted. • War Plan Orange and its successor Rainbow 3 called for immediate relief of the Philippines by the Navy.

In the battle that followed Don Juan destroyed or captured over 200 Turkish galleys at a cost of just fifteen of the Holy League’s vessels. The near total destruction of the Ottoman fleet, its first defeat in over two centuries, resounded through the East and the West. Although Barbary Pirates would continue to plague the Mediterranean for centuries to come, the major naval threat had been removed allowing Western commerce to flourish. Generalissimo Francisco Franco might have remained a relatively obscure figure in the history of the Spanish Civil War had not the first choice to lead the Nationalists been a peacock obsessed with his ceremonial military plumage. In July 1936 the Nationalists offered General Jose Sanjurjo command of the army in its fight against the Republicans.

  • Based inside the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in Pakistan, Al-Khidamat provided tickets, quarters, false identification and other paperwork, training camps, etc. to the “faithful” who sought to join the holy war.
  • By this chance event the Germans removed the one man in the British chain of command at that time who, given the resources, had the skill and audacity to match the Desert Fox.
  • The Cuban Revolution changed everything for the itinerant Funston.
  • By March 1946 only a single company of Punjabis remained to guard the Allied Control Commission in Saigon.

To the detriment of all of Central and South America the Central American Common Market that had been set up to counteract the influence of Communist Cuba was suspended for twenty-two years allowing Castro to make inroads in the region. Democracy took a back seat to military power as the army blatantly manipulated elections for its own benefit. Institutional fraud which had always been problematic became endemic.

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The rubble left behind by great revolutions and the collapse of great empires is always impressive and its very scale makes it tempting to look for fundamental, long-term causes. However, looking for the deep roots of historical change is the deformation professionelle of historians. Sometimes what happened did not have to be; or to put it another way, it only became inevitable very late in the day.

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The names are intended to reduce confusion in the event of concurrent storms in the same basin. The government on November 14 decided to release a Rs 75 commemorative coin on the occasion of 75th anniversary of the hoisting of Tricolour for the first time by Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose at Port Blair. This coin will bear the portrait of Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose saluting the flag on the background of cellular jail. The 35-gram coin will be composed of 50 per cent silver, 40 per cent copper and 5 per cent each of nickel and zinc. The third edition of the India International Cherry Blossom Festival 2018 began at Polo 5th Ground, Shillong on November 14, 2018.

Imagine the American Civil War fought without Ulysses S. Grant, thrown from his horse and killed two months after the fall of Vicksburg. Consider the case of Premier Canovas of Spain, a strong man whose policies might have suppressed the growing insurrection in Cuba. Assassinated in 1897 by Miguel Angiolillo, an obscure Italian anarchist long since forgotten to history, the Cuban rebellion escalated into the Spanish – American war one year later. San Juan Hill launched the career of Teddy Roosevelt who succeeded to the Presidency when yet another anarchist assassinated William McKinley.

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Lee’s decisive victory at Chancellorsville emboldened him to attempt his second and final invasion of the North. However, the loss of Stonewall Jackson at Chancellorsville deprived Lee of his greatest Lieutenant, the one simple trading strategy man who might have wrought a Confederate victory at Gettysburg as he had at Chancellorsville. During the Japanese blitzkrieg that followed, Admiral Nagumo and the 1st Air Fleet supported campaigns throughout the Pacific.

Had he turned left there and continued on the Hamburg-Purdy Road he would have emerged on the Confederate left flank or rear while the Confederates were engaged at the Hornet’s Nest changing the course of the battle on the first day. But for one fateful decision made under the pressure of battle Wallace might have emerged from Shiloh a hero instead of a scapegoat, gathering glory rather than reproach. Reacting to orders from Grant delivered by a near frantic courier Wallace instead decided to retrace his steps. Rather than reverse march however he compounded the error by counter marching back to the River Road where his division had started the day and proceeding from there to Pittsburg Landing.

Arrows again played a decisive role at Agincourt when the common yeoman archer armed with his powerful English longbow slaughtered the flower of French nobility. Unknown to the Germans, British analysts based in Room 40 at the Admiralty were deciphering their message traffic. The English knew they had to get this volatile information to President Wilson. The question was how to do so without alerting the Germans to the fact that their codes had been compromised.

The Changkufeng / Lake Khasan incident of 1938 was but a dress rehearsal for further hostilities. Consequently, what began as a minor clash between Soviet sponsored Mongolian cavalry and Japanese supported Manchukuoan cavalry on the Halha River rapidly escalated into a major campaign with far reaching consequences. Never the less, if Midway was the turning point for the United States, then New Guinea was the defining moment for Australia.

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Thus the requirements for a rejuvenated navy dovetailed neatly with an expanding economy, territorial acquisition and popular opinion. On 05 September 1781 the French West Indies Fleet did something extremely rare in the annals of history – they soundly defeated a British fleet off the Virginia Capes sealing the fate of the Army besieged at Yorktown. Cut off from supply and with no means of escape Cornwallis was forced to surrender on 19 October 1781, another rarity in British history up until that time. This defeat brought about the fall of Lord North’s cabinet in March 1782.

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Unlike the J-20 designed by the Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group, the J-31 was never a development program intended for the Chinese military, Zhang said. Use M119 to test if these are set correctly, while men were more likely to use alcohol and illicit drugs. This generates a random number that acts as a fingerprint for the game you’re about to play, cheeky win casino because these halve the house edge on the even-money bets. Below is a list of web users who may use the Tor Project online, but only the even-money bets.

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General Earl Van Dorn ordered Arkansas to support a land attack on Baton Rouge. Steaming down river both engines failed within sight of the federal fleet and Arkansas drifted ashore. Unable to move or bring her guns to bear, Arkansas was helpless. Under heavy fire from USS Essex, her crew opened the magazines, scattered powder and shells about the gun deck, fired her and abandoned ship. Breaking free of the shore she drifted down river with Union vessels following at a respectful distance. After an hour she exploded, raining debris on USS Essex and others.

Although Petain agreed in principle the two leaders reached no firm commitment to bind Vichy France to the Axis. Hitler’s personal disappointment and frustration aside, the unsatisfactory outcomes of these two meeting held a much larger significance for they played no small part in Hitler’s decision to invade Russia when it became apparent England would not capitulate. How differently 1941 might have played out had excess baggage fees been in fp markets review effect when Sanjurjo flew from Portugal to Spain. Stuart did send word to General Lee regarding its tactical potential. Lee did move quickly to seize the opportunity to smash his opponent. Ignoring the strong objections of his artillery commander, Captain Pelham however, Stuart rashly opened up on the Union encampment at Harrison’s Land with the one howitzer immediately at his disposal rather than waiting for the bulk of the Confederate army.

There he planned to join forces with Major General Don Carlos Buell, marching southwest from Nashville with 37,000 men of the Army of the Ohio, later renamed the Army of the Cumberland. Together they planned to strike a decisive blow against Corinth, Mississippi – junction of the Memphis & Charleston and Mobile & Ohio railroads. From Corinth lines ran east to Chattanooga and south to Mobile connecting the trans-Mississippi states and the Gulf Coast to Atlanta and, from there, to Richmond. Supplies from those areas were vital to the success of the Army of Northern Virginia and therefore, the survival of the nascent Confederate nation. By concentrating various scattered commands Johnston gathered about 45,000 men and, seizing the initiative, began the twenty-three mile march from Corinth to Pittsburg Landing on 03 April.

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When those two men get together history becomes pregnant and bears bloody for us and hell for the Yankees! ” Conversely, when great men do not keep their rendezvous with destiny, either through fateful personal choices or the hazards of providence, history is not made. • The recognition that history is contingent rather than inevitable puts current events into even greater perspective.

Two other men, apparently pilots, appeared in the door of the plane but didn’t step down. The trimotor touched down, bounced, then settled as it lost speed. Kurokawa hadn’t allowed for an ostentatious greeting ceremony, but the pavilion full of officers had drawn the pilot’s attention and the plane taxied back in its direction. He noted with annoyance that the plane, far heavier than anything the airstrip had been designed for, was leaving ruts that would have to be leveled. Muriname glanced back at the cloudy sky they’d been staring at all morning while Kurokawa contemplated a measured reply, dabbing at the sweat on his forehead with a brilliant white pocket handkerchief. The Grik had never denied even the most frivolous requests by their Japanese benefactors during their association, and he’d used that openhandedness to amass far more than handkerchiefs on his “Sovereign Nest” of Zanzibar.

Lee ordered General Jackson with 12,000 men to march to Williamsport, from there to Martinsburg, drive the Union garrison toward Harpers Ferry and then move up to Bolivar Heights. General McLaws with 9,000 men was detailed to march to Burkittsville and from there to descend on Maryland Heights. General Walker with 4,000 men was tasked with re-crossing the Potomac, marching up the south bank and seizing Loudoun Heights.

Soviet influence spread to the Middle East, Africa, South America and Southeast Asia through military assistance programs, construction projects, economic ties, etc. Such is the importance of the individual and the consequence of the missing man. December 1931 was not an auspicious month for future leaders in regard to automobiles. How to Use Fibonacci Eleven days after Churchill’s accident Adolph Hitler was injured while riding in a vehicle with General von Epp. They were returning from the wedding of Doctor Joseph Goebbels at Kyritiz when they crashed into another car. Thrown against a window, Hitler, unfortunately, sustained only minor bruises and a broken finger.

Previous articles demonstrated that for want of a nail the CSS Arkansas was lost and that for want of a decent horse Ulysses S. Grant was almost lost. Many will recall that General Winfield Scott offered Robert E. Lee command of the Union armies on the eve of the Civil War. Less well known is the fact that the hero of Mexico City and Harpers Ferry was nearly captured while on a scouting mission during the Mexican-American War. In that event, Lee may not have had the opportunity to decline Scott’s offer and accept a commission in the fledgling Army of the Confederate States of America.

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